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Best of 2020: Albums | Playlist

On the latest My Little Underground, I invited my good friend Conor Rooney to go through some of the stand out albums of the second half 2020. Today I have compiled a list of thirty of my favorite albums of the entire calendar year! What sets this year in music apart from previous years is the amount of emotion evoked relative to all of the events of the last 9 months. For instance, Run The Jewels' RTJ 4 & Irreversible Entanglements' Who Sent You were filled with the raw anger that most people of color have been feeling for decades but is even more relevant this year. Homeboy Sandman's Don't Feed The Monster can connect to anyone that is going through overwhelming stress, especially independent artists who lost out on touring revenue due to COVID. Throughout all the chaos that this year brought on, I believe Lido Pimienta's Grammy nominated Miss Columbia can offer solace with her lush, colorful arrangements. I also applaud Drew Citron for writing a break up album in Free Now that sounds surprisingly optimistic! Now, without further rambling, I present my favorite albums of 2020:


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