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Interview | DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ II

The mysterious musicians from the other realm, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ has returned to peteraradio.com to talk up her two albums she dropped at the tail end of 2021, The Makin' Magic II Album and The Other Realm. DJ Sabrina also talked about her humorous internet antics including her NFT parody, teasing Anthony Fantano, her 2022 plans, music I should be listening to, and more!


Two late-in-the-year albums for 2021, The Makin’ Magick II & The Other Realm. How long have these albums been in the work and did you plan on releasing these albums toward the end of the year?

The ideas for The Other Realm had been on my mind for maybe 2 or 3 years, an album of heavier, rhythmically-melodic acid house and classic electronica. I always envisioned it in a rave case for the cassette tape release, so that was really satisfying to finally have it all come true to the original vision. MMII had been planned for about a year and a half, mid-way between Enchanted and Charmed, a satire on comeback albums that attempt to gain interest by capitalizing on previous successes by name, artwork and/or nostalgia for an earlier release. The album itself has very little to do with the original Makin' Magick, other than it's similarly upbeat!

The Makin’ Magick II is more upbeat and The Other Realm is darker. Your music always evokes emotion in some form. Do you make music trying to set specific moods?

Definitely, I didn't want to disappoint anyone after Charmed's enormity so I thought if I released two albums with fairly radically diverse material, I should be able to satisfy everyone to some extent, haha! Parts of the albums are definitely intended to feel a certain way, be it more moody or more positive and the flow of the albums is very specifically designed to build and release in similar ways.

Your music has more in common to DJ mixes than traditional album structure. How important to you are transitions between songs?

Very important, I always liked the post-vinyl/post-cassette period of the nineties where CDs were the dominant format and there was no side flipping so most albums were sequenced like old psychedelic albums in one continuous run. Mix albums were also becoming more popular in the 90's so most releases seemed to have the music as one body of work instead of individual tracks, and I've always enjoyed that non-stop, gapless sound where your mind doesn't have to hear any dead, musicless silence anywhere (unless used for effect, like the ever inspiring break on Alisha's Attic Indestructible).

The release of these albums remind me of witches having an evil twin. Which album would go in the volcano and which would stay with Aunt Hilda and Zelda in the mortal realm?

Yes! The Other Realm would definitely go in the cave, much too evil for this mortal world :o


What have you noticed about the reception from Charmed and these two albums?

I'm always blown away by how successful Charmed did as I was just going about my business making another album! I kinda felt Enchanted reached peak DJ Sabrina in many ways and didn't expect to get much more interest from anyone after that; although it was always meant to be a big, final album for pentalogy, I never imagined anyone else would feel that way about it, haha! The new albums have been surprisingly well received as I thought everyone would be sick of me after Charmed, lol!

Speaking of reception, I noticed that you humorously are trying to get your new albums reviewed. Specifically from Anthony “The Needle Drop" Fantano. How important is critical acclaim to you?

I just like teasing and playing, I can't believe he even knew Charmed existed so it was more than an honor to actually be reviewed, I certainly never expect it to happen ever again!

Tell me about your “Dancing Sab” NFT parody. How long did it take you to make the visual? Also, what are your honest thoughts on NFTs?

The visual took, maybe 20 mins to put it all together and upload haha! It was a parody on Mike Judge's Dancing Dan NFT but a few people unfollowed me thinking I was pro-NFT... I kinda take my jokes a little too far sometimes, lol! There's so much bad press with them, environmental issues, scams, stolen art, laundering and bad culture that I just think they're becoming a bit of a career killer for anyone that involves or aligns themselves with the scene... which makes it all the more fun to meme!

With touring sort of starting and stopping again as we enter a new year, have you given more thought to a live DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ set? I’m really curious how you navigate live performance as you have a creative approach to making albums.

It's a tough thing at the moment as I'm right between having the available resources to tour whilst having some pretty big interest from people in me doing it... I've never had a manager or business professional to organize anything for me, which is probably why I have to do everything else myself, lol!

What plans do you have for 2022?

More music, more combinitions and more memes!

Based on the music you're currently listening to, what artists do you think I should be paying attention to?

Murphy Radio don't get enough attention, they're an awesome Indonesian math-rock group with such amazing music, essential listening!


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