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Game Over: Wrestling Video Games on The Wrestling Caucus

Pro-Wrestling is an amalgamation of various forms of entertainment; music, theater, pyrotechnics & video games. This Sunday, episode 5 of The Wrestling Caucus will focus on the latter. Aside from lists of favorite wrestlers, PPV matches, announcers, managers, entrance music, etc; wrestling fans also debate the best video games of the genre similar to football fans talking Madden.

It is hard to argue that WWE has dominated the wrestling gaming market for over 20 years. Monopoly aside, WWE has produced some of the most revolutionary wrestling videos games over the last few decades. Fans often point to the famous Nintendo 64 title WWF No Mercy as probably the best wrestling game ever made. Although the most famous series is probably the WWF/E Smackdown! (which became Smackdown vs Raw and eventually WWE 2K) series on the original Playstation and Playstation 2.

There are also a number of famous titles from outside of the Vince McMahon empire that we will discuss such as Fire Pro and a handful of WCW titles such as WCW vs NWO Revenge.

Fast forward to the 2020s and the WWE 2K series has a monopoly on the wrestling gaming industry and we will discuss the positives and the growing negatives of these installments of the series. With the advent of All Elite Wrestling and its roster loaded with gamers, such as one of the Fire Pro Wrestling World cover stars Kenny Omega, maybe we will see a much needed rise in non-WWE wrestling games.

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