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January on My Little Underground

January 2022 on My Little Underground started with previewing music announced for the new year and it ended with the continued destruction of indie-rock with a conversation surrounding banjos. Let me explain:

2022 Anticipated

On the first My Little Underground of 2022, I also kicked off the years first installment of 2022 Anticipated where I talk up both announced and unannounced music coming our way. Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound label is putting out an album of an unreleased Son House live performance which I believe is a fine tribute to the Delta Blues pillar. Nashville's Twen are releasing a string of singles which will either be stand alone or a sophomore LP. When I recorded this episode, Combo Chimbita's Ire was not released, but it is now and its fantastic.



The Vision of Velvet Vision

Santa Fe's Betty Taylor shared her vision of her Velvet Vision project this month on My Little Underground. We also bonded over her home city of Minneapolis, and her experiences with the music scene over there before transitioning to Santa Fe. Betty talked up her latest double single Silver City/Strange Magic, putting together a tour in 2021 playing in some esoteric locations. We also get into a big talk on music industry pressure and question the traditional musician creative path.



Dummy [Returned]

Joe Trainor of Dummy, one of the most exciting bands out of Los Angeles currently, has returned to My Little Underground to talk up new music, and more scoops from the Dummy camp and fellow LA band, Mo Dotti! Dummy also put out their debut LP, Mandatory Enjoyment last year and they are getting ready to tour this thing around the US and internationally. Joe also talks up the massive Dummy KEXP session, doing PR for bands, and we manifest a Dummy Whats In My Bag for Ameoba Music. Joe also shed some light on a third Dummy EP and a second EP from another exciting LA band, Mo Dotti who has an open invitation for My Little Underground.



Banjo Appreciation with Wendy Eisenberg

Every time Wendy Eisenberg and myself talk, we always get closer and closer to destroying indie-rock. It all started last year when they came on My Little Underground with their band Editrix. When I heard Wendy's Bent Ring album they put out towards the end of 2021, and the fact that its banjo focused, I knew I needed to have them back to continue or war path on indie-rock. Wendy also gave me a history lesson on the banjo and its Jazz history. Wendy is also a Simpsons fan and talks up their admiration of Lisa Simpson. Wendy Eisenberg has some interesting music plans for 2022 including a new Editrix album!



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