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March 2022 on My Little Underground

Part of March 2022 on My Little Underground was a symbolic two week trip to Seattle in which I talked with artists in a similar etherial solar system but operate on different planets. The rest of the month was spent with a talented beat maker with many passions in video games and photography and I talked up a college friend who finally got his scripted web series up and running!

The Launch of Butch Queen Energy

Malcolm Smith is honesty one of my favorite content creators. I was a fan of his first web series Still Diverted as well as his Insecure recap podcast, He Got Yall. Fast forward in 2022, Malcolm is diving into the scripted series game with Butch Queen Energy where he stars as Sherrod Dixon, a queer writer trying to maneuver romance, career, and friendship in Brooklyn. Listen as Malcolm talks TV tropes he is trying to avoid, what shopping a series to a major network may look like in 2022, his Lenox Letters platform, and more!



Buster Wolf

The second week of March on My Little Underground was spent in sunny Tallahassee, Florida with the Brooklyn bred beat maker, photographer, and video game lover, Buster Wolf! He talked up his latest EP, Loups III and the science and art around song durations under a minute which I am a huge fan of because Minor Threat's Straight Edge is 46 seconds long and has had a huge impact on me. We also talked up our shared love of video games, specifically his name coming from a maneuver performed by Terry from the SNK fighting game series.



Mt Fog

The last two weeks of March on My Little Underground were spent in Seattle, a city that I have always wanted to visit. I was so glad to talk up Mt Fog to celebrate the cassette release of her 2021 album Guide To The Unusual which features a preview of a new project she has coming later this year. She talks her process of teasing new music on an analog format in a digital age, building a collection of cassettes, and making fans at Trader Joes. Mt Fog is also a casual wrestling fan and we discuss what we appreciate about the craft.



Star Party

I wrapped up my symbolic trip to Seattle on My Little Underground as well as the month of March with Star Party! They talk up their new album Meadow Flower, C86 bands, how noisy their new music may or may not be, as well as their tour plans. We also share some ghost stories and I found their story about recording vocals in a haunted Air Bnb, and more!



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