• Peter A

Mental Health Check In w/ Ricky's Compass Co-Founder Alexis Thomas | My Little Underground Level 100

On the 100th episode of My Little Underground, Peter A checks in on his New Jersey friend, Alexis Thomas! Alexis returns to My Little Underground for a mental health check in to relieve some of the stresses she has been feeling over the last year and to share updates on Ricky's Compass; the 501(c)(3) dedicated to shattering the stigma surrounding mental health. Peter A and Alexis ask each other how they -REALLY- feel, no small talk! Listen in for big talks on police brutality, physical health, quarter-life crisis, the healing power of music and more!

Alexis on Ricky's Compass plans in 2021 such as another scholarship for Morristown High School, the "Diagnosed, But Not Defined" web series and more!

Peter A shares what has been stressing him out over the last year including the consecutive wave of police brutality incidents and how the 2020 releases of Run The Jewels and Fiona Apple gave him a sliver hope.

Listen to the full episode HERE.

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