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2012-ish | My Little Underground

And you know it goes, its time for the annual trip back ten years on My Little Underground! This year, I take you back to 2012 to talk some albums I have been listening to a lot that year, and some albums I have discovered a few years after they've been released. Listen as I talk up the important 'R.A.P. Music' from Killer Mike, which serves as a prelude to Run The Jewels as El-P produced the entire album. This was also the year that Jack White put out 'Blunderbuss'; his first official solo album since The White Stripes break up, Fiona Apple releasing her sole 2010's album in 'Idler Wheel', which features some creative, minimal production and a sweet collaboration with her sister. Ty Segall steered into the psychedelic with 'Twins', A Place To Bury Strangers entered their 'Heaven or Las Vegas' era with 'Worship', Santigold bended, and mixed genres together with 'Master of My Make-Believe', and more!

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