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April 2022 on My Little Underground

April 2022 on My Little Underground was a month of continued anticipation of music to be released this year as well as conversations with musicians on optimism, running, healthy and unhealthy social media practices, psychedelic drug experiences, and video games! Speaking of which, I invited my two younger brothers (who are musicians) to reflect on the 20th anniversary on a video game series that was real popular in our household.

Mo Dotti Less Problems

Mo Dotti Less Problems is a mantra I created after spending the last two years listening to this little Los Angeles band, Mo Dotti! When I listen to these noise-poppers, I feel at ease and ready to take on the challenges of everyday life. I'm very appreciative of them taking the time to stop by My Little Underground to talk up their latest EP, Guided Imagery and the smallest details of their songs that make them so memorable! What's also memorable is the bands use of social media that includes very little selfies and "sexy pics"; only show flyers, music videos, and podcast appearances! I also admire the fact that they acknowledge The Jesus and Mary Chain influence of this little podcast of mine.



20 Years of Ratchet & Clank

The second week of April on My Little Underground was all about Ratchet and Clank! I invited my brothers, Richard Arriaga and Smileyarriaga to share their thoughts on the 20th anniversary of this unique platform hybrid that was very popular in the Arriaga household. Listen to three brothers discuss our favorite entries in the series and the minute details that made this game so special. If you have a PlayStation 2 or 3, I could not recommend this franchise enough.



Lets All Wah Together

On the ides of April, I invited the New York supergroup of veteran musicians, Wah Together to My Little Underground about their excellent debut LP, Let's Wah Together!

We talk about lead singer Jaiko Suzuki getting inspired by drummer Vito's mushroom trip, the logistics of shooting a video on the Williamsburg bridge, handling depression, and we find out which member was a stripper in the past!



Kassie Carlson (Guerilla Toss) is Famously Alive

Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss took time off her busy tour schedule to hang out on My Little Underground to talk up the debut GT release on Sub Pop, Famously Alive! Along with meeting her dog Watley, Carlson discussed imposter syndrome, her new found love of pop music, as well as our shared love of running and radio; she gave me an elevator pitch to her Radio Catskill show, Rare Pare Radio. After multiple listens of Famously Alive, I feel that Guerilla Toss would be perfect for any video game soundtrack. Since Epic Games purchased Bandcamp, maybe we'll see more musicians getting their songs in video games?



2022 Anticipated III

I wrapped up My Little Underground this month with the third 2022 Anticipated! I share my enthusiasm for upcoming albums from underground hip hop heavyweights, Namir Blade and Quelle Chris. I'm also excited to hear the upcoming EP of Jobber, a New York outfit inspired by professional wrestling. If you were as lucky as me to see their second ever show at Baby's All Right, you would have noticed that they performed with a cut out of WWE wrestler, Seth Rollins. Grace Ives announced her new album and after hearing the teasers, I think the mainstream will go Grace.



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