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December on My Little Underground

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A summary of the last month on My Little Underground.

December is usually Finals month on My Little Underground where I go through some of the best music of Q3 and Q4. This year is no different, but 2021 is the 20th anniversary of Xbox as well as the consoles biggest franchise and one of my favorite video games, Halo!

This was a month of my year round goal of welcoming current and possibly making (get real, Peter A) new music enthusiasts, as well as talking to another massive niche, gamers!

20 Years of Xbox (Feat. Smiley & Richard Arriaga)

I kicked off December on My Little Underground by welcoming my two younger brothers, Smiley Arriaga & Richard Arriaga to give their thoughts on the original Xbox and a game thats been very popular in our household and our extended family for almost two decades, Halo!

Finals 2021 I: Singles & EPs

The week of December was business as usual for My Little Underground as I kicked of my annual Final finals talking about some of the best singles and EPs of the second half of 2021! I was really impressed with Homeboy Sandman's Anjelitu EP as it was essentially another Lice project with Aesop Rock not only rapping on the closer Lice Team, Baby. I also enjoyed the charming, charismatic and energetic debut EP from Alice Longyu Gao. High Dragon and Universe is a perfect introduction for Alice as its rich in bubbling melodies and confidence.

Finals 2021 II: Albums

Closed out December and 2021 for My Little Underground strong with my good friend and fellow music nerd, Conor Rooney to help me grade the last prompt of my Finals for 2021! The story of this grading session is that Conor love the new Japanese breakfast album, Jubilee and I compared Dummy's Mandatory Enjoyment to Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.


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