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February on My Little Underground

February 2022 on My Little Underground started with a conversation with an underground hip hop production duo, talking the revival of a video game TV network, anticipating more albums coming this year, and wrapping up the best music of the first two months of year.

2 Hungry Bros

NYC production duo 2 Hungry Bros kicked off February on My Little Underground talking up the tricky world of sampling, the rappers they enjoy working with like Breez Evahflowing, their radio show, The 2 Hungry Bros Show, the incredible Senile Chef album with Homeboy Sandman, and more! These guys can really talk and have a great sense of humor.



G4TV Is Back!

This month I also talked up the return of G4TV! This was a network dedicated mostly to the video game industry. During its initial run, shows such as XPlay, Judgement Day, G4TV.com provided remarkable insight to the gaming world before YouTubers and Twitch streamers. When the network shut down in 2014, this is when the aforementioned YouTubers and Twitch streamers stepped into the forefront of gaming coverage. Now that the network has revived, we're seeing familiar faces such as Adam Sessler who co-hosted XPlay during its initial run and new faces such as Frosk, The Black Hokage, and The Completionist. The problem is that the comedy that made the initial G4 fun, comes across incredibly corny and almost overshadows the vast gaming knowledge of the hosts.



2022 Anticipated II

If you can believe it, there's a lot more new music to anticipate in 2022. On the second 2022 Anticipated on My Little Underground, I previewed the new Kaina album, It Was a Home which is out now and its awesome. I also talked up the new Wah Together album, Let's Wah Together which is also out now since I recorded this show and also great! Overseas, Ibibio Sound Machine announced their new album Electricity for March 25th. Here in New York, My Idea finally announced their debut album, CRY MFR for April 22nd. This looks like one hell of a spring for music and a great way to kick winter to the curb along with your Christmas trees that some of you still haven't taken down. You know who you are.



On Repeat 2022 I

On the first On Repeat of 2022 on My Little Underground, I talk up the best music of January and Feburary. For January, I really enjoyed the new Combo Chimbita album Ire and the latest Your Old Droog + Tha God Fahim collaboration Tha Wolf On Wall St 2: The American Dream. In February, I admired Visitor, the sophomore effort from Empath and Lucifer On The Sofa, the 10th album from Spoon. There are some great singles from January and February that I can't stop listening to from the likes of Sofia Kourtesis, Ravyn Lenae, Velvet Vision, and more!



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