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My Little Underground Level 28: Dominic Sen

Level 28 of My Little Underground welcomes the intergalactic pop sensation on the rise, Dominic Sen!

"The Genesis of Dominic Sen is that my mother is a black hole... She is the center of the M64 Galaxy." - Dominic Sen

She came from a galaxy far away to be a pop star, but along the way she found her self in an indie rock project known as Alex Napping. We talked about how Dominic found her artistic identity, how music can be fun and conceptual at the same time, her latest single Can't Tell You and more! 

"At the last show, someone in the audience, they screamed after a song, "You're my hero!" And I said to them, but I'm supposed to be the villian!" - Dominic Sen

The skills of Dominic Sen expand past pop music to directing! She talks the collaborative process of the direction and choreography of Can't Tell You video. Dominic loves how Earth dwellers dance and is trying to learn some these moves herself!

"Ultimately, I do really want to make music that makes people want to dance." - Dominic Sen

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