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My Little Underground Level 53: Ratboys

On Level 53 of My Little Underground, Julia Steiner of the Chicago outfit, Ratboys talks up their creative Twitch show, Ratboys Virtual Tour. Steiner describes it as "... we're pretty much just like...hanging out on the internet...we play some songs from time to time..its cool to just have a space to connect with people and just be ourselves.."

If you've ever had the pleasure of watching their show its exactly as Julia described, its Ratboys being themselves. My first time watching, I saw an ongoing Harry Potter and Spongebob conversation. The next episode, there was an impromptu performance of Tixis with a backdrop of Rome and an interview with The Beths!

Believe it or not, Ratboys were on the verge of playing a show with Chicago legends Wilco before the COVID-19 outbreak. Also in this episode, you'll get the backstory of how that show came together as well as how they got to perform at a Bernie Sanders rally! Earlier this year, Ratboys released their impressive third album, Printer's Devil and we discuss Julia going back to her childhood home to demo it and more!

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