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New Playlist: Long Ass Songs

When I spoke to John Velsor on Level 51 of My Little Underground, we had an interesting conversation about "long songs". The reason why I put long songs in quotes is because everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a long song. There one explicit run time that defines a song that runs long.

There is an art form to songs that run 8, 9, 10 minutes long, there can be different passages through out the track that takes the listener on a journey and tell a story. There is also an arrogance to songs that run longer than they are supposed to. We all can think of songs that overstay their welcome but that does not mean we should dismiss songs with an 11 minute runtime.

I have compiled an expansive list of Long Ass Songs on Spotify that go 7 minutes or longer that I think you would enjoy. These tunes are multi-layered expansive pieces that will hopefully change your perspective of music that breaks the radio-edit mold.

Listen here!

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