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The Return of Ally Melendez | My Little Underground Level 66

She's back! Level 66 of My Little Underground is the return of multimedia personality Ally Melendez! Since her last visit, Melendez has been very busy becoming a yoga instructor, continuing to infiltrate the sports media world and starting a weekly Instagram Live show! COVID-19 has impacted live sports greatly eliminating one of the most important elements, the live crowd. Ally feeds off the crowd as a host for the Long Island Nets and this pandemic that we're all living through has brought this endeavor she has been exploring over the last year to a complete stop. None of this has stopped Ally Melendez because she has started teaching various classes with Box + Flow and a weekly Instagram Live series, The Ally Melendez Show. Melendez is not looking to talk with "influencers" with many followers, only those with an inspiring story and can be engaging. We also share a love of running, and how to do this safely given our current global health crisis. Ally also gives me a free fitness consultation encouraging me to push beyond my 3 mile threshold.

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