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WWE Fatal 4 Way 2010 | The Wrestling Caucus Episode 10

Episode 10 of The Wrestling Caucus is a discussion of the 10th anniversary of one of the most forgotten about PPVs in recent WWE history, Fatal 4 Way! Held June 20th, 2010 at Nassau Coliseum in front of 10,000 fans, Fatal 4 Way was one of the many shows WWE would build around some sort of stipulation, this one being most of the title matches would be Fatal 4 Way matches. Other examples of these gimmick shows around this time are Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank, Extreme Rules and Bragging Rights (who can forget those classics). This was the beginning of WWE forgoing some of their unique PPV names such as Vengeance, Backlash, Judgement Day, Unforgiven and No Way Out in favor of naming their shows after their match stipulations.

In this clip, Peter A, Smiley Arriaga & their deathmatch correspondent, Elton (who was in attendance) discuss the strange story of the World Heavyweight Championship match being built around Kane, who at the time was searching for the culprit who attacked his brother The Undertaker. Keep in mind that Kane was not in the match:

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